Ryazan State Medical University named after Academician I.P. Pavlov

  • Ryazan Medical University
  • Ryazan State Medical Academy
  • Ryazan Medical Institute
  • Ryazan Medical College

Ryazan State Medical University named after Academician I P Pavlova is one of the largest specialized higher medical education institute in Central Federal District of Russia. More than half a century Ryazan State Medical University preparing qualified personnel for the national health system. Ryazan State Medical University was founded in 1943 as Moscow Medical Institute. In 1950 Moscow Medical Institute moved to Ryazan city and renamed into Ryazan Medical Institute named after Academician I P Pavlov. In 1993 Ryazan Medical Institute converted into Ryazan State Medical University. Today the Ryazan State Medical University has 8 faculties, 50 departments, including the newly created departments of clinical psychology and psychotherapy and epidemiology. At present, the Ryazan State Medical University employs 670 skilled teachers who prepares professionals for medical and scientific institutions of more than 60 countries in Europe, CIS, Asia and Africa. Since its formation Ryazan State Medica lUniversity has trained 34000 students.


• General Medicine
• Pediatrics
• Preventive medicine
• Pharmacy
• Dentistry/ Stomatology
• Clinical Psychology
• Higher Nursing Education and secondary vocational education
• Post Graduation
• Preparatory