Where is Ukraine situated?

Ukraine is the largest country in Europe and situated in the south-eastern part of Europe .

What is the Capital of Ukraine and its overall population?

Kiev city is the Capital of Ukraine, which has an overall population of ukraine is 46.5 million .

What is the main religion of the people in Ukraine and Russia?


What are the Universities your company represent in Ukraine and Russia?

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Are all these Universities recognized or affiliated by any board of education or any other Educational Council?

Yes, they are recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education of Ukraine and Russia

What is the total duration of the program?

The duration varies between 2 – 6 years depending upon the courses of study.

What is the main currency?

Main currency in Ukraine is Ukrainian Hryvna (UAH). 1 USD = 25 UAH
Main currency in Russia is Russian Ruble (RUB). 1 USD = 65 RUB

What are the main speaking languages?

The main speaking languages are Ukrainian, Russian, English, Romanian, Polish and Hungarian.

Do students need to qualify any English test like IELTS or TOEFL for seeking admission ?

No, it is not mandatory.

Are Ukrainian or Russian degrees valued worldwide?

Yes, they are valued and accepted all over the world.

How is the accommodation arrangement and what are the charges?

The University Hostels are available for accommodation and it is included in the fee package.

Can we pay the tuition fee in installments?

Yes, you can pay the fee in installments.

Any other facility like pick up, bank account opening, etc. is provided by the college?

Yes, it is included in the fee package.

Which languages do the professors teach?

The professors usually teach in English or Russian/Ukrainian languages.