About UREC

UREC is the licensed representative of Ministry of Education & Health of Ukraine and a representative of major Russian State Universities, which aims not only to provide assistance in admission to students those are willing to study abroad but rigorously works throughout your study period to help you chase your dreams . Serving for more than 10 years we have helped thousands of students all over the globe to enrol themselves in the top Universities of Ukraine and Russia.

We here believe that education imparts the endless fields of opportunities.

Our Salient  Features      

  2. 100% Invitation letter
  3. 100% VISA
  4. 100% Admission
  5. More than 10 years of experience
  6. Cost effective

A sight to our wide services:

  1. Prompt replies to our students through Mail or phone.
  2. Assistance in selecting best university for certain program.
  3. Assistance in choosing appropriate Bachelor/Master Programme.
  4. Invitation Letter for a certain/recommended University.
  5. Admission Letter ( optional).
  6. Assistance in Tuition Fees Payments to the universities
  7. VISA support letter from the department of Higher Education in Ukraine / Russia (through ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  8. Airport pickup to avoid unpleasant circumstances for students.
  9. Assistance in Immigration.
  10. Accommodation arrangements in hostel.
  11. Assistance in Registration with University and Department of VISA and registration (OVIR).
  12. Assistance in Health Insurance.
  13. Assistance in Medical Check-ups on arrival.
  14. Students ID Card , Hostel Card , International Student Card (free of cost).
  15. Opening of a Bank Account in Ukraine / Russia.
  16. Support and Assistance to our student during the whole period.
  17. Arrangement of separate rooms for female students.
  18. Visa support during the entire period of study.
  19. Orientation programme for students in the local environment (city exploration ).