Ritesh Kumar, India:

– “Hi, all! My name is Ritesh. I am here for the first time. And I like this university a lot. Teachers are here very helpful, the teachers are very nice here. Though, I get a problem with Russian and English here, but they are very helpful. Whatever they can do, they do for us. We enjoy here a lot. The city is very beautiful.”

Guarav Singh, India:

– “Hi, guys! This is Guarav Singh from India. I completed my graduation from India. And now I’m here in Irkutsk, Russia. I like this place, quite good. I like weather also, it’s good. Especially, UREC, they are providing us here with good facilities. I think the university is quite good. My uncles, my family studied here before me, yeah. That’s why, it’s also good. I like people here, they have good nature.”

Surya Muttathil, India:

– “I’m Surya. I am studying at Irkutsk State Medical University as medical student. I just want to do my MBBS outside my country. And I came here. First time I saw the city full of snow and I was excited. And I like this city too much, and the university is also good. And I like here friends, also, and everything. And teachers, teachers are very helpful in teaching. And everything I like here. Even though I want to go back to my country, I like this country too much. And all shops and everything is good here. And, that’s all, thank you.”