First Moscow State Medical University named after I.M.Sechenova

• Moscow State Medical Academy
• Moscow Medical Institute
• Moscow Medical Academy
• Moscow medical University

First Moscow State Medical University is one of the leading, largest and oldest medical university of Russian Federation. First Moscow State Medical University is the university of great scientists and academician in the field medical direction. First Moscow State Medical University is the first independent university that continued medical science within its own walls. First Moscow State Medical University was founded by ministry of health of Russian Federation. In 1758 Moscow State University opened the Medical Faculty which later reorganized in First Moscow Medical Institute. The First World War  was a turning point in the training process of the Medical Faculty. First Moscow Medical Institute accelerated in the release of doctors to care for the wounded and introduced new courses for accelerated and intensified training of students on military surgery, sanitation and Traumatology. During the World War II First Moscow Medical Institute gave 2632 doctors to the country. For this outstanding achievements in 1940, the Institute was awarded by the Order of Lenin. Over its long history the university has been repeatedly reorganized and renamed. In 1758 as a Medical Faculty of the Moscow Imperial University, in 1930 First Moscow Medical Institute, in 1990 Moscow Medical Academy and since 2010 Moscow Medical Academy is known as First Moscow State Medical University. Today First Moscow State Medical University has 177 departments with more than 2000 highly qualified teaching staff. Till date First Moscow State Medical University has trained more than 35000 students. Currently 9000 students are studing in First Moscow State Medical University.


• General Medicine
• Preventive medicine
• Pharmacy
• Dentistry/Stomatology
• Pediatrics
• Higher Nursing Education and psycho-social work
• Management and Economics of Health
• Preparatory
• Faculty of foreign students
• Preventive medical faculty of Post Graduation