Siberian State Medical University

• Siberian Medical University of Tomsk
• Tomsk Medical Academy of Siberia
• Medical Institute of Tomsk
• Tomsk Medical College Siberia

Siberian State Medical University is one of the leading medical universities in Tomsk city of Russia Federation. Siberian State Medical University was established in 1888 as a Medical Faculty of the Imperial Tomsk University. In 1930  medical faculty of Tomsk State University was converted into Tomsk Medical Institute and in 1992  Siberian State Medical University became the first in RussianUniversity to receive university status. Siberian State Medical University a major scientific, educational and clinical complex, which includes 6 faculties, two research institutes, the central research laboratory, 9 research and education centers. Today Siberian State Medical University has 78 departments and teaching staff of 890 teachers. During the period of the Siberian State Medical University has trained over 60,000 doctors and pharmacists.


• General Medicine
• Pediatrics
• Pharmacy
• Medical Biology
• Behavioral Medicine and Management
• Training and Internship
• Post Graduation